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2019-01-24  Ismaël BouyaAdd ldap to composer gitolite_local/ldap
2019-01-23  Ismaël BouyaAdd ldap
2019-01-11  Jeremy BenoistRelease wallabag 2.3.6 3836/head 2.3.6
2019-01-11  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3835 from wallabag/prepare-2.3.6
2019-01-11  Jeremy BenoistPrepare 2.3.6 release 3835/head
2019-01-11  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3826 from wallabag/epub-toc
2019-01-10  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3831 from wallabag/fix/api-bad...
2019-01-10  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3833 from techexo/patch-1
2019-01-10  Eloi CoutantUpdate entries.html.twig 3833/head
2019-01-10  Eloi CoutantUpdate entries.html.twig
2019-01-09  Jeremy BenoistCast client id to avoid PG error 3831/head
2019-01-09  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport: avoid else on $authors 3826/head
2019-01-08  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport: sanitize filename and fix tests
2019-01-07  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport/pdf: move notice to the end, add metadata...
2019-01-07  Kevin DecherfAdd translations
2019-01-07  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport/epub: add metadata to each entry's cover
2019-01-07  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport: change authors and title when not single...
2019-01-07  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport/epub: revert c779373f, move exportinfo...
2019-01-07  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport/epub: use sha1 sums for filenames, fix...
2019-01-07  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport/epub: remove TOC page
2019-01-07  Kevin DecherfMerge pull request #3827 from wallabag/epub-quote
2019-01-07  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3820 from lizyn/bugfix/incorrect...
2019-01-06  Kevin DecherfEntriesExport/epub: replace epub identifier with unique urn 3827/head
2019-01-05  lizynCounting two characters together as a word in CJK 3820/head
2019-01-04  Jeremy BenoistImprove reading time tests
2019-01-04  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3816 from wallabag/validate-import...
2019-01-03  Jeremy BenoistValidate imported entry to avoid error on import 3816/head
2019-01-03  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3823 from wallabag/fix-tag-api...
2018-12-30  Kevin DecherfTagRestController: fix test for tag without entries 3823/head
2018-12-30  Kevin DecherfTagRestController: rewrite delete actions to only retri...
2018-12-30  Kevin DecherfTagRestController: add tests to ensure that other user...
2018-12-30  Kevin DecherfTagRepository: refactor query builder for queries by...
2018-12-29  Kevin Decherffixtures: refactor EntryData, TagData, add a new tag
2018-12-25  lizynfix incorrect reading time calculation for entries...
2018-12-17  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3814 from wallabag/2.3.6-dev
2018-12-15  Jeremy BenoistJump to 2.3.6-dev and update release process 3814/head
2018-12-14  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3812 from wallabag/prepare-2.3.5
2018-12-14  Jeremy BenoistPrepare 2.3.5 release 3812/head
2018-12-14  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3810 from wallabag/remove-guzzle...
2018-12-13  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3781 from wallabag/yarn-up
2018-12-13  Jeremy BenoistNo more dev for guzzle-site-authenticator 3810/head
2018-12-10  Kevin Decherfbuild: upgrade yarn dependencies, update prod assets 3781/head
2018-11-26  Kevin DecherfMerge pull request #3783 from wallabag/issue-3780
2018-11-26  Kevin DecherfMerge pull request #3782 from wallabag/issue-3779
2018-11-26  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3784 from giuppi/master
2018-11-26  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3765 from burkemw3/patch-2
2018-11-25  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3778 from wallabag/better-release
2018-11-25  giuppiFix Android app login issue 3784/head
2018-11-25  Kevin Decherfmaterial: decrease size of tags on list view 3783/head
2018-11-25  Kevin Decherfmaterial: fix missing thumbnail on list view 3782/head
2018-11-25  Jeremy BenoistJump to 2.3.5-dev and update release process 3778/head
2018-11-25  Matt BurkeRemove preview picture from single entry view page... 3765/head
2018-11-24  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3775 from wallabag/prepare-2.3.4
2018-11-23  Jeremy BenoistCreate a custom swap to avoid error 3775/head
2018-11-23  Jeremy BenoistUse latest bridge to avoid PHPUnit break
2018-11-23  Jeremy BenoistUse new Travis infra
2018-11-23  Jeremy BenoistPrepare 2.3.4 release
2018-11-21  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3774 from Simounet/feature/card-ui
2018-11-21  SimounetCard no preview replaced by wallabag logo 3774/head
2018-11-16  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3772 from techexo/patch-1
2018-11-16  Eloi CoutantUpdate messages.en.yml 3772/head
2018-11-16  Eloi CoutantUpdate messages.fr.yml
2018-11-16  Eloi CoutantUpdate messages.fr.yml
2018-11-09  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3769 from burkemw3/patch-4
2018-11-08  Matt BurkeAdd rel=noopener to target=_blank links 3769/head
2018-11-06  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3766 from merwan/patch-1
2018-11-05  Merouane AtigFix link to wallabag requirements in documentation 3766/head
2018-11-01  Kevin DecherfMerge pull request #3764 from shtrom/fix-matches-notmat...
2018-11-01  Olivier Mehanifixup! fixup! Fix documentation wording for matches... 3764/head
2018-11-01  Olivier Mehanifixup! Fix documentation wording for matches/notmatches...
2018-10-31  Olivier MehaniFix documentation wording for matches/notmatches taggin...
2018-10-27  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3763 from wallabag/ghpr-template...
2018-10-26  Kevin Decherfmisc: add note on GitHub PR template to auto-close... 3763/head
2018-10-26  Kevin DecherfMerge pull request #3553 from wallabag/url-3529
2018-10-24  Kevin Decherfphpcs 3553/head
2018-10-24  Kevin DecherfupdateOriginUrl: remove 'query string' case from ignore...
2018-10-24  Kevin DecherfupdateOriginUrl: add comment blocks for the parse_url...
2018-10-24  Kevin DecherfupdateOriginUrl: rewrite some if, resolving feedbacks...
2018-10-22  Kevin DecherfignoreOriginUrl: add initial support of ignore lists
2018-10-22  Kevin DecherfupdateOriginUrl: add behavior when diff is fragment...
2018-10-22  Kevin DecherfRefactor updateOriginUrl to include new behaviors behaviors
2018-10-21  Kevin DecherfContentProxy: swap entry url to origin_url and set...
2018-10-21  Kevin DecherfContentProxy: fix a corner case when entry.url is empty...
2018-10-17  Kevin DecherfMerge pull request #3733 from Deuchnord/root-abort...
2018-10-16  Jérôme DeuchnordAdded argument to ignore the warning. 3733/head
2018-10-16  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3745 from burkemw3/patch-3
2018-10-16  Matt BurkeAdd placeholder image to card-based gallery entries... 3745/head
2018-10-15  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3606 from mritzmann/master
2018-10-14  Kevin DecherfMerge pull request #3706 from shtrom/fix/gnu-make-bash
2018-10-13  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3743 from burkemw3/patch-1
2018-10-13  Jérémy BenoistMerge pull request #3734 from davidmohamedfr/fix-docker...
2018-10-11  Matt BurkeShow tags on non-image gallery preview card 3743/head
2018-10-06  David MOHAMEDlibpng12-dev was rename as libpng-dev 3734/head
2018-10-06  David MOHAMEDremove mcrypt since openssl is included in php 7.2
2018-10-06  Jérôme DeuchnordAbort running install and update script if root (closes...
2018-09-24  Kevin DecherfMerge pull request #3725 from Tobi823/master
2018-09-23  Tobi823Run php-cs-fixer for fixing coding standard issues... 3725/head
2018-09-23  Tobi823Run php-cs-fixer for fixing coding standard issues
2018-09-21  Tobi823Make helper methods strToHex and hexToStr in ContentPro...
2018-09-21  Tobi823Override the value of the given parameter ($title)...