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* Add configHEADmasterIsmaël Bouya2021-11-081-0/+9
* Update documentationIsmaël Bouya2021-08-173-3/+9
* Upgrade to latest versions1.6.0Ismaël Bouya2021-08-178-9/+702
* Add missing documentationIsmaël Bouya2019-10-202-0/+8
* Add comment action1.5.0Ismaël Bouya2019-10-207-3/+13
* Add documentation for windows installIsmaël Bouya2019-10-203-1/+55
* Change "keys" hash to "key_properties" in config.yml1.4.0Ismaël Bouya2017-06-264-253/+228
* Merge branch 'load_action'1.3.0Ismaël Bouya2016-09-2212-155/+265
| * Don't lock the application when failing while reloading configurationIsmaël Bouya2016-09-191-10/+8
| * Disable dead keys and enable capslockIsmaël Bouya2016-09-191-2/+2
| * Cleanup key and action workflowsIsmaël Bouya2016-09-194-116/+142
| * Add load_all_musics flag and corresponding actionsIsmaël Bouya2016-09-194-0/+32
| * Use @mainthread decorator where necessaryIsmaël Bouya2016-09-193-1/+15
| * bump config.ymlIsmaël Bouya2016-09-191-22/+58
| * Fix configuring not resetting the keyIsmaël Bouya2016-09-191-5/+9
* wait actions are now pausable and resettable1.2.3Ismaël Bouya2016-08-1211-28/+227
* Fix common key properties not applying when property is absentIsmaël Bouya2016-08-121-5/+4
* Fix crash when click on unconfigured keyIsmaël Bouya2016-08-121-2/+3
* Make 'interrupt_wait' able to interrupt all waitsIsmaël Bouya2016-08-127-23/+40
* Add config exampleIsmaël Bouya2016-08-121-1/+3
* Add config dump in debug modeIsmaël Bouya2016-08-122-1/+18
* Add a 'common' section in key propertiesIsmaël Bouya2016-08-123-1/+26
* Fix default value in config.ymlIsmaël Bouya2016-08-121-1/+1
* Add config key to config.yml to store command line argumentsIsmaël Bouya2016-08-125-101/+233
* Fix forgotten key in KeyMachineIsmaël Bouya2016-08-121-3/+3
* Add skip link to documentationIsmaël Bouya2016-08-111-0/+2
* Add english documentation1.2.2Ismaël Bouya2016-08-114-107/+820
* Add protect_delay message when available1.2.1Ismaël Bouya2016-08-113-3/+23
* Avoid name clash for "state"Ismaël Bouya2016-08-111-67/+89
* Unset description / color when they are removedIsmaël Bouya2016-08-111-0/+11
* Leave application correctly when clicking on the cross buttonIsmaël Bouya2016-07-292-11/+17
* Missing translationIsmaël Bouya2016-07-291-0/+8
* Make music_sampler multilingual1.2.0Ismaël Bouya2016-07-2919-66/+524
* Add Unfocused overlay when focus is lost1.1.0Ismaël Bouya2016-07-294-12/+56
* Cancel all timers and stop all musics when exiting1.0.2Ismaël Bouya2016-07-291-3/+8
* Code cleanupIsmaël Bouya2016-07-292-5/+12
* Precompute font size in kv fileIsmaël Bouya2016-07-291-13/+17
* Lock widget modifications and reuse labels in actionlist/playlistIsmaël Bouya2016-07-293-52/+137
* Cleanup mocked fontsIsmaël Bouya2016-07-281-24/+1
* Use labels stacking to build actionlistIsmaël Bouya2016-07-284-48/+120
* Use labels stacking to build playlistIsmaël Bouya2016-07-284-75/+176
* Change bugtracker linkIsmaël Bouya2016-07-281-1/+1
* Add kivy exception to the documentationIsmaël Bouya2016-07-281-9/+17
* Improve error message and handlingIsmaël Bouya2016-07-284-18/+48
* Cleanup loggerIsmaël Bouya2016-07-281-8/+7
* Add Cython and portaudio requirements1.0.1Ismaël Bouya2016-07-282-2/+4
* Use setuptools_scm to determinate project versionIsmaël Bouya2016-07-283-2/+4
* Update documentation with pip informations and download folderIsmaël Bouya2016-07-281-1/+10
* Add example config.ymlIsmaël Bouya2016-07-281-345/+309
* Use pip setup file1.0.0Ismaël Bouya2016-07-2715-209/+268