Get Started

  • You may run ./nixops/scripts/setup to setup the directory and variables The script won’t do anything without asking first, you may stop at any step.

Nix snippets

  • Evaluate nixos build: nix eval -f '<nixpkgs/nixos>' options.virtualisation.anbox.image.value.outPath

Helpers / External documentation

  • How to write good options in a module (not too much to ensure it’s maintainable, ...): https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/blob/e719102ace17c2b4a8b98efe0f08e344a7713dec/rfcs/0042-config-option.md
  • SSL configuration: https://ssl-config.mozilla.org/ And check: https://www.ssllabs.com/


  • channel
  • nixpkgs-unstable: last version of nixpkgs
  • nixos-unstable: last one guaranteed to build a correct system

The LDAP directory

The LDAP directory has been hand-tuned and may not have the same layout as "regular" LDAP directories.


The directory is divided in several sections: - The "service" section (ou=services,dc=immae,dc=eu) contains all the services. Each service usually has a list of dn (can be real user or hosts or anything) that can access it. Conversely, a service usually cannot list users he doesn’t have access to. - The "hosts" section (ou=hosts,dc=immae,dc=eu) contains the identities of hosts. They tend to be less used now. But sometimes they need to have an identity (mostly to be able to send e-mails) The subsection "roles" (ou=roles,ou=hosts,dc=immae,dc=eu) was from a Puppet age and is deprecated. Only one host remains handled by Puppet (caldance) and should be replaced with an internal VM. - The "groups" section (ou=groups,dc=immae,dc=eu) contains the generic groups of users not associated to a service. - The "group_users" and "users" sections contain the users (usually with password) of the infrastructure. The "users" section usally contains a single "physical" person, while the "group_user" represents a shared identity (plus one legacy "buildbot" system identity).

How does nixpkgs resolve

To build nixops machines

The NIX_PATH environment variable is built in nixops/Makefile and contains three paths: nixpkgs, nixpkgsNext, nixpkgsPrevious. Only the first one is actually used most of the time. Derivations that need pinned nixpkgs should declare it in nix/sources.json (it’s the case for some buildbot scripts for instance).

The config and overlays in standard directories will be read (~/.config/nixpkgs) and parsed, but should not have any consequence on the result.

In shells

When calling nix tools from shells, the environment variable NIX_PATH will determine the <nixpkgs> version that will be used. In addition, ~/.config/nixpkgs/overlays.nix will add an overlay to this nixpkgs. In its current state, it resolves to builtins.attrValues (import "${thisRepository}/overlays")

To build Home-manager

Home-manager will use the same mechanisms as the shell and use the configuration from ~/.config/nixpkgs/home.nix . In the current state, pkgs will refer to the <nixpkgs> content, that is nixos-unstable channel. The exception is home.packages (which will populate ~/.nix-profile), which is built partly by importing the myEnvironments.immae-eu.packages key of this repository’s default.nix. This file uses the nix/sources.json "nixpkgs" key by default, which may differ from <nixpkgs>. Consistency needs to be ensured either by using nix/sources.json everywhere or by using the unstable channel. default.nix was changed to accept pkgs, making in effect use of the unstable channel everywhere.

To build NUR

The NUR bot will evaluate default.nix with pkgs argument set with its own nixpkgs version. It will not permit fetching urls related to nixpkgs during the evaluation.


Reference Protections that can be implemented: - Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31536000" Force https on this domain for the age duration - Public-Key-Pins -> dangerous if acme private key changes - Always load script/style by https (don’t use //) - Content-Security-Policy Either as <meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="..."> (must be first one!) Or as Content-Security-Policy header - Restrictive referrer status

Packaging issues


  • Sometimes yarn will silently ignore package.json: the build will succeed but output will be empty. In that case it means that some mandatory fields are missing (mainly: name, version)
  • If yarn complains about TypeError: Cannot read property 'lang' of undefined: make sure that all package names in yarn-packages.nix finish in .tar.gz where due
  • If yarn complains about error Couldn't find the binary git: It’s related to the previous error:
  • the initial yarn.lock and package.json contain some reference to github repositories.
  • They need to be changed to a fixed version, and the resolved url needs to point to a tar.gz file.
  • Example (the diff should be saved as a patch and applied to the yarn derivation build): --- a/package.json +++ b/package.json @@ -2,9 +2,9 @@ "name": "foo", "private": true, "dependencies": { - "@danielfarrell/bootstrap-combobox": "https://github.com/berrnd/bootstrap-combobox.git#master", + "@danielfarrell/bootstrap-combobox": "^1.1.8", "@fortawesome/fontawesome-free": "^5.12.1", "animate.css": "^3.7.2", "bootbox": "^5.3.2", "bootstrap": "^4.3.1", --- a/yarn.lock +++ b/yarn.lock @@ -2,18 +2,18 @@ # yarn lockfile v1 -"@danielfarrell/bootstrap-combobox@https://github.com/berrnd/bootstrap-combobox.git#master": +"@danielfarrell/bootstrap-combobox@^1.1.8": version "1.1.8" - resolved "https://github.com/berrnd/bootstrap-combobox.git#fcf0110146f4daab94888234c57d198b4ca5f129" + resolved "https://github.com/berrnd/bootstrap-combobox/archive/fcf0110146f4daab94888234c57d198b4ca5f129.tar.gz"
  • Also the yarn-packages.nix needs to be changed accordingly: the name of the package in that file needs to match the one computed by yarn2nix (special chars replaced with underscores), and the url needs to point to the correct url too
  • Example: --- a/yarn-packages.nix +++ b/yarn-packages.nix @@ -3,11 +3,11 @@ { - name = "httpsgithub.comberrnd_bootstrap_combobox.git"; + name = "https_github.com_berrnd_bootstrap_combobox_archive_fcf0110146f4daab94888234c57d198b4ca5f129.tar.gz"; path = fetchurl { - name = "httpsgithub.comberrnd_bootstrap_combobox.git"; - url = "https://github.com/berrnd/bootstrap-combobox.git"; - sha1 = "fcf0110146f4daab94888234c57d198b4ca5f129"; + name = "https_github.com_berrnd_bootstrap_combobox_archive_fcf0110146f4daab94888234c57d198b4ca5f129.tar.gz"; + url = "https://github.com/berrnd/bootstrap-combobox/archive/fcf0110146f4daab94888234c57d198b4ca5f129.tar.gz"; + sha1 = "0nvnkr1w9nnn7r2h63zmkjpphawwmfca"; }; }


Link to the CI latest job


Things to look at during upgrades:

Upgrade to latest unstable

  • Weechat: https://specs.weechat.org/specs/001285-follow-xdg-base-dir-spec.html


When upgrading etherpad-lite modules, make sure that possible hacks are carried along (usually as preBuild hook). Run the following command in the module directory:

node2nix -i node-packages.json


  • The nodeHeaders will change at each bump, making previous hash incorrect (current at unstable: 1df3yhlwlvai0m9kvjyknjg11hnw0kj0rnhyzbwvsfjnmr6z8r76)
  • At runtime, peertube may complain about mismatching NODE_MODULE_VERSION for bcrypt. Check the url to make sure that it contains the same module version: change the v64 to whichever value corresponds in


adminer installation requires pam module (it’s the only one, since pam is only used in php environment by "humans" account). It currently doesn’t work, I couldn’t find a way to properly make php find the mariadb include files. It seems like php74 might solve the issue https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50026939/php-mysqli-connect-authentication-method-unknown-to-the-client-caching-sha2-pa


Postgresql is linked to glibc version. Any change in this version may corrupt the indexes:

For postgresql major upgrade: - Change the postgresql overlay to define postgresql_next - import modules/private/databases/postgresql_upgrade.nix and adjust the header to mark the cluster to upgrade. - Deploy it - run upgrade-pg-cluster as root - Add an overlay for the server: nixpkgs.overlays = [ (self: super: { postgresql = self.postgresql_next; }) ]; - Deploy (make sure that the new datadir is the one that gets used) - If everyone has upgraded, the per-server overlay may be removed and the global one modified


  • Do not skip major versions!
  • Put nextcloud in maintenance mode : nextcloud-occ maintenance:mode --on
  • Do a backup : sudo -u postgres pg_dump -n owncloud webapps > nextcloud.sql
  • Upgrade
  • Run the upgrade task : nextcloud-occ upgrade
  • Stop maintenance mode : nextcloud-occ maintenance:mode --off
  • Issues : https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/16/admin_manual/maintenance/manual_upgrade.html


Due to a bug in nix build, flakes that refer to relative path (input type "path") don't work when called via an url (nix build git+ssh://some-url). Relative paths (except in "flakes/private") should be renamed to git+https urls ideally. E.g.:

    inputs.libspf2 = {
-    path = "../libspf2";
-    type = "path";
+    url = "https://git.immae.eu/perso/Immae/Config/Nix.git";
+    type = "git";
+    dir = "flakes/libspf2";