Remove outdated list crontab for caldance
[perso/Immae/Projets/Puppet.git] / manifests /
2018-04-28  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev'
2018-04-28  Ismaël BouyaFix deprecated empty function
2018-03-20  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev'
2018-03-13  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'cleanup' into dev
2018-03-13  Ismaël BouyaStart to cleanup the files
2017-08-30  Ismaël BouyaMove classes to hiera
2017-08-29  Ismaël BouyaRefactor base installation module
2017-08-23  Ismaël BouyaInstall OVH vps from scratch
2016-12-01  Ismaël BouyaAdapt timeout value for shutdown
2016-08-11  Ismaël BouyaAdd etckeeper
2016-08-09  Ismaël BouyaAdd aura helper
2016-08-09  Ismaël BouyaAdd base configuration
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaMove locales after base_packages
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaCreate install_ovh file
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaOVH cleanup continue (network interfaces)
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaAdd locales module
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaAdd stdlib module
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaOVH cleanup with puppet
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaAdd base package installations
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaRename cron-puppet class to cron_puppet
2016-08-08  Ismaël BouyaAdd cron-puppet module