Merge branch 'dev'
[perso/Immae/Projets/Cryptomonnaies/Cryptoportfolio/Trader.git] / tests /
2019-03-22  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' master
2019-03-22  Ismaël BouyaFix timezone in tests dev
2018-09-26  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.10.2
2018-09-26  Ismaël BouyaDon’t raise when some market is disabled
2018-08-27  Ismaël BouyaStop when portfolio worker is down and data is not...
2018-08-27  Ismaël BouyaUse market options for fetch balances
2018-08-26  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.11.0
2018-08-26  Ismaël BouyaAdd increasing delay to fetching cryptoportfolio
2018-08-04  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.10.1
2018-08-04  Ismaël BouyaRefactor a bit the options passing process
2018-08-04  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.10.0
2018-08-04  Ismaël BouyaAdd liquidity option for cryptoportfolio users
2018-07-30  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.9.0
2018-07-30  Ismaël BouyaEat several positions in the order book after some...
2018-07-30  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.8.6
2018-07-30  Ismaël BouyaFix orders disappearing but finally not
2018-07-25  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.8.5
2018-07-25  Ismaël BouyaSome fixes
2018-06-10  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.8.4
2018-06-10  Ismaël BouyaFix available balance when buying
2018-05-14  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.8.3
2018-05-14  Ismaël BouyaFix orders marked as dust even when closed
2018-05-10  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.8.2
2018-05-10  Ismaël BouyaFetch only enabled market
2018-05-08  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.8.1
2018-05-08  Ismaël BouyaCheck before processing that credentials are valid
2018-05-08  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.8
2018-05-08  Ismaël BouyaAdd USDT rate to balances
2018-05-07  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.7.2
2018-05-07  Ismaël BouyaRun prepared orders after disappeared order
2018-05-06  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.7.1
2018-05-06  Ismaël BouyaFix infinite recursion during fetch
2018-05-05  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.7
2018-05-05  Ismaël BouyaAdd checkpoints when fetching balance
2018-05-02  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.6
2018-05-02  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'refactor_db' into dev
2018-05-02  Ismaël BouyaInclude current portfolio currencies when printing...
2018-05-01  Ismaël BouyaStore last cryptoportfolio repartition to redis
2018-05-01  Ismaël BouyaRefactor databases access
2018-05-01  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.5
2018-05-01  Ismaël BouyaStore tickers in balance log
2018-05-01  Ismaël BouyaDon’t close dust remaining orders before end of trade.
2018-04-30  Ismaël BouyaFix price imprecision due to floats
2018-04-22  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.4
2018-04-22  Ismaël BouyaFixes
2018-04-21  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.3.1
2018-04-21  Ismaël BouyaAdd latest date to redis
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.3
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'redis' into dev
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaStore some information to redis
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaUse generic parser for market processing
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev'
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'test_cleanup' into dev
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaTemporarily remove acceptance tests
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaMove acceptance tests to common directory
2018-04-20  Ismaël BouyaStore duration in http requests
2018-04-09  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.2.2
2018-04-09  Ismaël BouyaFix ccxt switching currency codes
2018-04-08  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.2.1
2018-04-08  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'acceptance_tests' into dev
2018-04-08  Ismaël BouyaAdd some acceptance tests
2018-04-07  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'dev' v1.2.0
2018-04-07  Ismaël BouyaMerge branch 'test_cleanup' into dev
2018-04-07  Ismaël BouyaAdd acceptance tests
2018-04-07  Ismaël BouyaAcceptance test preparation
2018-04-07  Ismaël BouyaMove tests to separate files