2021-02-22  Ismaël BouyaAdd a button to remove the "change" in the derivation... master
2021-02-12  Ian ColemanRelease v0.5.2
2021-02-12  Ian ColemanRun all tests, not just the last one
2021-02-12  Ian ColemanPad eth private keys correctly
2021-02-11  Ian ColemanUpdate dev_env headless browser driver versions
2021-02-11  Ian ColemanRelease v0.5.1
2021-02-11  Ian ColemanUpdated ritocoin test, see #466
2021-02-11  Ian ColemanUpdate namecoin test
2021-02-11  Ian ColemanRebuild bip39-libs.js to include cosmos
2021-02-11  Ian ColemanAdd Cosmos Hub (ATOM) support
2021-02-11  Ian ColemanUse local form for Portuguese
2021-02-11  iancolemanMerge pull request #468 from 3rdIteration/master
2021-02-11  iancolemanMerge pull request #466 from RitoProject/ritocoin
2021-02-11  iancolemanMerge pull request #462 from zoobc/master
2021-02-09  CryptoGuideAdd Portuguese Wordlist
2021-01-27  Scotty0448Update wif
2021-01-26  Scotty0448Add Ritocoin (RITO)
2021-01-17  iancolemanMerge pull request #464 from robiiinos/fix/namecoin...
2021-01-04  Robynfix: Namecoin WIF prefix
2020-12-07  jhonkusAdd ZooBC address format
2020-12-07  jhonkusAdd ZooBC coin support
2020-11-30  Ian ColemanRemove trailing spaces
2020-11-30  Ian ColemanRemove non-English BIP85 languages
2020-11-30  Ian ColemanAdd BIP85 details in More Info section
2020-11-30  Ian ColemanFormat BIP85 help text similar to entropy section
2020-11-29  Ian ColemanUpdate geckodriver version for firefox tests
2020-11-29  Ian ColemanAdd rebranded labelling to Zcoin/Firo
2020-11-29  Ian ColemanRebuild bip39-libs.js
2020-11-29  Ian ColemanUpdate dev_env_setup to latest chromium for tests
2020-11-29  iancolemanMerge pull request #456 from r1979/master
2020-11-22  iancolemanMerge pull request #454 from AndreasGassmann/master
2020-11-15  Ruggero MUpdated Zcoin (XZC) Due to its rebrand fo Firo (FIRO)
2020-11-15  Ruggero MUpdated Zcoin (XZC) Due to its rebrand fo Firo (FIRO)
2020-11-15  Ruggero M Updated Zcoin (XZC) Due to its rebrand fo Firo (FIRO)
2020-11-15  Ruggero MUpdated Zcoin (XZC) Due to its rebrand fo Firo (FIRO)
2020-11-15  Ruggero MUpdated Zcoin (XZC) Due to its rebrand fo Firo (FIRO)
2020-11-15  Ruggero MUpdated Zcoin (XZC) Due to its rebrand fo Firo (FIRO)
2020-11-09  AndreasGassmannfeat(bip85): add explanation text and warning
2020-11-08  AndreasGassmannfeat(test): add bip85 test
2020-11-07  AndreasGassmannfeat(bip85): add bip85 logic
2020-11-07  AndreasGassmannfeat(bip85): include bip85 library
2020-10-19  Ian ColemanRelease v0.5.0
2020-10-19  Ian ColemanAdd notes about card entropy
2020-10-18  Ian ColemanHide/show split mnemonic cards
2020-10-18  Ian ColemanFix nano test, keys are lowercase not uppercase
2020-10-18  Ian ColemanUpdate combined libs
2020-10-18  Ian ColemanRevert npm-shrinkwrap.json
2020-10-18  iancolemanMerge pull request #434 from Joohansson/nanocurrency
2020-10-18  iancolemanMerge branch 'master' into nanocurrency
2020-10-18  iancolemanMerge pull request #441 from bytefly/master
2020-10-18  iancolemanMerge pull request #446 from jsarenik/jsn/update-bootst...
2020-10-18  iancolemanMerge pull request #447 from jsarenik/jsn/dependabot
2020-10-14  dependabot... Bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.19 in /libs/stellar...
2020-10-14  dependabot... Bump elliptic from 6.4.1 to 6.5.3 in /libs/stellar...
2020-10-14  dependabot... Bump acorn from 6.0.4 to 6.4.1 in /libs/stellar-util
2020-10-14  dependabot... Bump jsrsasign from 8.0.12 to 8.0.19 in /libs/combined
2020-10-14  Jan SarenikUpdate bootstrap to 3.4.1
2020-10-14  iancolemanMerge pull request #445 from jsarenik/jsn/releases...
2020-10-07  Jan Sareniksrc/index.html: Change link to latest standalone release
2020-10-05  zrAdd testcase for TRX
2020-10-02  iancolemanMerge pull request #442 from mvillalba/master
2020-10-01  Ian ColemanAdd
2020-10-01  Ian ColemanRemove bias from entropy in base 6 and base 10
2020-09-25  Martín Raúl... Add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) support
2020-09-18  zrModify to use uncompressed public key as keccak256...
2020-09-10  zrAdd TRX coin support
2020-09-07  iancolemanMerge pull request #436 from conr2d/eosio-cleanup-depen...
2020-08-30  Jeeyong UmClean up duplicated dependencies from eos-util
2020-08-26  JoohanssonAdded NANO currency
2020-08-24  iancolemanMerge pull request #433 from scribenetwork/master
2020-08-19  scribenetworkUpdate tests.js
2020-08-12  scribenetworkUpdate index.js
2020-08-12  scribenetworkUpdate bitcoinjs-extensions.js
2020-05-11  Ian ColemanRelease v0.4.3
2020-05-10  Ian ColemanAdd CranePay test
2020-05-10  Ian ColemanFix RSK tests
2020-05-10  Ian ColemanUpdate bip39-libs with handshake and FIO libs
2020-05-10  iancolemanMerge pull request #422 from cryply/master
2020-05-10  iancolemanMerge pull request #409 from bguiz/feat/rsk-network
2020-05-10  iancolemanMerge branch 'master' into feat/rsk-network
2020-05-10  Shawn ArneyAdding FIO -Foundation for Interwallet Operability
2020-05-10  Shawn ArneyAdding FIO -Foundation for Interwallet Operability
2020-05-10  iancolemanMerge pull request #410 from MerkleBlock/handshake
2020-05-08  m0rpheradding CRP support
2020-04-28  iancolemanMerge pull request #418 from jangchongchan20/master
2020-04-28  Jang ChongchanAdd Sugarchain testnet support
2020-04-27  iancolemanMerge pull request #416 from Argoneum/argoneum
2020-04-27  Ian Colemanlast word is/contains a checksum
2020-04-27  iancolemanMerge pull request #415 from jangchongchan20/master
2020-04-25  Oleg SemyonovAdd Argoneum (v1.4.1 or above)
2020-04-24  Jang ChongchanAdd Sugarchain support
2020-04-02  Javed Khanlibs: add handshake support
2020-03-10  bguizfix: calculate RSK addresses with EIP-155 compliant...
2020-03-03  bguizfix: define own libs.bitcoin.networks.rsk
2020-02-17  iancolemanMerge pull request #402 from you21979/fix-mona-bech32
2020-02-16  iancolemanMerge pull request #403 from swtcca/master
2020-02-15  Lospring Liuadd test for networks Jingtum and MOAC
2020-02-15  Lospring Liuadd two networks: Jingtum and MOAC
2020-02-13  yuki akiyamafix bech32 prefix monacoin -> mona
2020-02-07  Ian ColemanRelease v0.4.2