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[perso/Immae/Projets/Cryptomonnaies/BIP39.git] / tests / spec / tests.js
2018-12-04  iancolemanMerge branch 'master' into master
2018-11-21  iancolemanMerge pull request #273 from CCob/master
2018-11-20  EternityTulaAdd Safecoin
2018-11-11  iancolemanMerge pull request #277 from standard-error/master
2018-11-09  standard-errorAdd Ravencoin (RVN)
2018-11-03  UnknownAdded support for Blocknode
2018-11-01  iancolemanMerge pull request #272 from skironDotNet/phore-coin
2018-10-31  Pawel CiochAdded Phore (PHR) coin
2018-10-29  Ian ColemanFix test to work reliably on slow computers
2018-10-29  Ian ColemanFix Stash testnet test
2018-10-29  Ian ColemanFix Salus test
2018-10-29  Ian ColemanFix tests for BitCloud and Megacoin
2018-10-21  iancolemanMerge pull request #268 from skironDotNet/projectcoin
2018-10-21  Pawel CiochAdded PRJ - ProjectCoin
2018-10-15  iancolemanMerge pull request #263 from skironDotNet/bitcoin-green
2018-10-15  iancolemanMerge branch 'master' into bitcoin-green
2018-10-15  iancolemanMerge pull request #267 from anonymousbitcoin/master
2018-10-11  Kevin van der PollAdd ANON
2018-10-10  Pawel CiochAdded BITG - Bitcoin Green
2018-09-20  Ian ColemanFix missing closing brackets in tests
2018-09-20  iancolemanMerge pull request #253 from dalijolijo/master
2018-09-20  David BAdd BitCloud and Megacoin
2018-09-15  iancolemanMerge pull request #251 from skironDotNet/artaxcoin
2018-09-14  Pawel CiochAdded Artax as HD 219 from proposed https://github...
2018-09-06  iancolemanMerge pull request #249 from harzo/task/add-exchangecoin
2018-09-05  harzoAdd ExchangeCoin
2018-08-22  iancolemanMerge pull request #242 from Stoner19/master
2018-08-21  Stoner19Salus (SLS) support added
2018-08-13  iancolemanMerge pull request #234 from h4x3rotab/h4x3rotab-btg
2018-08-13  iancolemanMerge pull request #238 from stashpayio/stash
2018-08-11  BeachMremove space
2018-08-11  BeachMadd stash parameters
2018-07-26  Ian ColemanRemove BIP84 test for litecoin
2018-07-25  Ian ColemanUpdate bitcore network parameters
2018-07-25  Ian ColemanTest for HUSH network
2018-07-25  Ian ColemanTest for bip32 client coinomi/ledger
2018-07-25  iancolemanMerge pull request #216 from Coinomi/ethereum-like
2018-07-25  iancolemanMerge pull request #229 from majikandy/patch-2
2018-07-16  Andy DavisStratis Testnet text
2018-07-16  Andy DavisMerge pull request #2 from majikandy/patch-1
2018-07-16  Andy DavisTSTRAT test
2018-06-18  xarakasMerge branch 'master' into ethereum-like
2018-05-29  Ian ColemanFix tests for altcoins
2018-05-29  Ian ColemanParse extended root key regardless of prefix
2018-05-29  Ian ColemanAdd litecoin segwit tests
2018-05-15  xarakasAdd ETC, PIRL, CLO, MIX, MUSIC, POA, EXP, and coinomi...
2018-05-14  iancolemanMerge pull request #215 from Coinomi/coinomi
2018-05-14  xarakasAdd BTCP, BTCZ, ZCL, ZEN
2018-05-08  Ian ColemanAdd cashaddr address format for bitcoin cash
2018-05-07  iancolemanMerge pull request #212 from Coinomi/zcash
2018-04-30  xarakasAdd zcash support
2018-04-19  iancolemanMerge pull request #210 from potatohodler/patch/vertcoin
2018-04-19  iancolemanMerge pull request #207 from Coinomi/kobocoin
2018-04-18  xarakasAdd Kobocoin support
2018-04-12  Ian ColemanWarn when using weak entropy and strong mnemonic
2018-04-12  Ian ColemanWarn when generating low entropy mnemonics
2018-04-12  iancolemanMerge pull request #200 from Coinomi/coinomi
2018-04-10  xarakasAdd coins supported by Coinomi wallet
2018-03-26  Ian ColemanAdd test for testnet p2wpkh parameters
2018-03-26  Ian ColemanAdd test for Beetlecoin
2018-03-26  Ian ColemanAdd test for Neblio coin
2018-03-26  Ian ColemanChange Bitcoin Gold coin number to 156
2018-03-12  Ian ColemanUse correct BIP44 value for Denarius of 116, not 0
2018-03-12  Ian ColemanAdd spacing every 11 bits to the checksum
2018-03-12  Ian ColemanShow the checksum value in the entropy details
2018-03-12  Ian ColemanAdd test for blackcoin
2018-03-12  iancolemanMerge pull request #172 from carsenk/master
2018-03-06  carsenkAdd DNR Support
2018-02-05  Ian ColemanFix tests which generate more rows
2018-02-05  Ian ColemanAdd BIP38 test
2018-01-15  Ian ColemanRemove commented-out lines of code from test
2018-01-15  Ian ColemanTest AXE network
2018-01-15  Ian ColemanIncrease allowed rendering time tests
2018-01-15  Ian ColemanLeftPad ethereum private keys with zeros if needed
2018-01-02  Ian ColemanFix test for komodo
2018-01-02  Ian ColemanAdd csv display of addresses
2018-01-02  Ian ColemanAdd BIP84 tab
2017-12-19  Ian ColemanFix typo game/komodo
2017-12-19  Ian ColemanAdd test for Onixcoin
2017-12-19  iancolemanMerge pull request #137 from AraguaneyBits/master
2017-12-13  iancolemanMerge pull request #142 from ca333/master
2017-12-04  ca333[ADD] KMD - Komodo
2017-11-22  Ian ColemanShow entropy from PRNG and word indexes
2017-11-22  Ian ColemanAdd BIP141 tab for full segwit compatibility
2017-11-21  Ian ColemanRemove segwit from bip32 tab
2017-11-21  Ian ColemanUse ltub for litecoin by default instead of xprv
2017-11-21  Ian ColemanAllow more rows to be generated at a custom index
2017-11-16  Ian ColemanAdd test for monacoin
2017-11-16  Ian ColemanAdd test for Bitcoin Gold network
2017-11-16  Ian ColemanUse selenium for tests instead of phantomjs