2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaRemove private specificities from pure-ftpd package... master
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaUse Makefile for some env/deploy scripts
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaAsk rebuild to NUR after update
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade pgloader and remove noChroot need
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaFix nur script: remove config from the target
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade system and state to latest version (noop for...
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaFix setup script using nixpos_custom
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaFix packages and make buildslist sandboxed
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaAdd shellcheck
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaReorganize files
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaBuild nixops_custom on the fly
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaMigrate documentation
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaReplace fetchgitPrivate by its builtins counterpart
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaAdd script to make NUR repo
2019-05-23  Ismaël BouyaInitial commit published for NUR