Upgrade syden peertube to flake
[perso/Immae/Config/Nix.git] / pkgs /
2021-01-02  Ismaël BouyaAdd opendmarc flake
2020-12-31  Ismaël BouyaRemove flaked modules
2020-12-31  Ismaël BouyaUse flake for openarc
2020-12-15  Ismaël BouyaAdd new tools
2020-10-24  Ismaël BouyaRepackage slang correctly
2020-10-24  Ismaël BouyaAdd blivet3 repackaging (work in progress)
2020-10-24  Ismaël BouyaAdd circles and social nextcloud apps
2020-09-07  Ismaël BouyaRe-enable flrn and slrn
2020-09-01  Ismaël BouyaUse zrepl to make zfs backups
2020-08-15  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade nixos-unstable
2020-07-02  Ismaël BouyaFix music nextcloud app
2020-06-16  Ismaël BouyaAdd status engine website
2020-06-13  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade Wallabag
2020-06-07  Ismaël BouyaAdd comment engine
2020-05-11  Ismaël BouyaMigrate mylibs to niv (work in progress)
2020-05-08  Ismaël BouyaUse new withPlugin system
2020-05-08  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade nextcloud to 18
2020-05-07  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade nextcloud
2020-05-07  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade to latest nixos
2020-05-05  Ismaël BouyaAdd file manager
2020-05-05  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade roundcube
2020-05-03  Ismaël BouyaAdd langs and exts to phpbb passthru
2020-05-03  Ismaël BouyaFix some etherpad-lite modules and packaging
2020-04-30  Ismaël BouyaAdd mypads to etherpad
2020-04-28  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade etherpad-lite
2020-04-25  Ismaël BouyaMigrate phpbb and remove manual tools pages
2020-04-24  Ismaël BouyaUse fetchgit rather than builtins
2020-04-23  Ismaël BouyaRemove unused certbot
2020-04-23  Ismaël BouyaUse global niv
2020-04-23  Ismaël BouyaRemove monero pinned version
2020-04-20  Ismaël BouyaRemove yarn2nixPackage from lib
2020-04-19  Ismaël BouyaRefactor websites
2020-04-13  Ismaël BouyaAdd syden peertube website
2020-04-11  Ismaël BouyaAdd fiche module (a program to submit paste from comman...
2020-04-09  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade peertube to latest version
2020-04-07  Ismaël BouyaFix tools after upgrade
2020-04-05  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade to nixos-unstable
2020-04-03  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade nixos
2020-03-30  Ismaël BouyaBootstrap niv
2020-03-29  Ismaël BouyaAdd grocy
2020-02-28  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade mastodon
2020-02-23  Ismaël BouyaAdd missing tools for dilion
2020-02-13  Ismaël BouyaAdd rsync backup via dilion
2020-02-10  Ismaël BouyaFix urls hashes after migrating server
2020-02-10  Ismaël BouyaFix adminer url
2020-02-04  Ismaël BouyaAdd milter to verify from
2020-02-04  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade infcloud
2020-02-04  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade iridologie website
2020-01-25  Ismaël BouyaChange telethon-sync source
2020-01-25  Ismaël BouyaMove environments to specific attrs
2020-01-15  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade acme bot
2020-01-11  Ismaël BouyaAdd iridologie via spip
2020-01-05  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade phpLDAPAdmin to a fork
2019-12-07  Ismaël BouyaAdd replication for redis
2019-11-24  Ismaël BouyaAdd cardano-cli
2019-11-18  Ismaël BouyaAdd some nextcloud apps
2019-09-07  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade mastodon
2019-07-17  Ismaël BouyaAdd monitoring modules via naemon
2019-06-29  Ismaël BouyaConfigure mail (dovecot, postfix, spam checks)
2019-06-04  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade connexionswing website to latest
2019-06-04  Ismaël BouyaAdd opendmarc openarc and opendkim configuration and...
2019-05-27  Ismaël BouyaRemove private specificities from pure-ftpd package...
2019-05-25  Ismaël BouyaUpgrade pgloader and remove noChroot need
2019-05-24  Ismaël BouyaFix packages and make buildslist sandboxed
2019-05-24  Ismaël BouyaReorganize files
2019-05-24  Ismaël BouyaReplace fetchgitPrivate by its builtins counterpart
2019-05-23  Ismaël BouyaMake some packages compatible with no allow-import... nur_publish
2019-05-19  Ismaël BouyaAdd noChroot for pgloader
2019-05-12  Ismaël BouyaRefactor a bit httpd/webapps configuration:
2019-05-12  Ismaël BouyaMove Apache theme to pkgs
2019-05-12  Ismaël BouyaFix nextcloud tasks app version
2019-05-12  Ismaël BouyaMove buildbot plugin buildslist to pkgs
2019-05-11  Ismaël BouyaMove spip and chloe website to pkgs
2019-05-11  Ismaël BouyaAdd Tellesflorian website to pkgs
2019-05-11  Ismaël BouyaAdd piedsjaloux to pkgs
2019-05-11  Ismaël BouyaMove Ludivine website to pkgs
2019-05-11  Ismaël BouyaMove connexionswing package to pkgs
2019-05-11  Ismaël BouyaMove Aten packages to pkgs
2019-05-09  Ismaël BouyaMove taskwarrior-web to pkgs
2019-05-09  Ismaël BouyaPurify peertube derivation
2019-05-09  Ismaël BouyaAdd peertube (impure) derivation to pkgs
2019-05-09  Ismaël BouyaMake etherpad derivation pure
2019-05-08  Ismaël BouyaMove node-env file to a generic location
2019-05-08  Ismaël BouyaMove etherpad-lite to pkgs
2019-05-07  Ismaël BouyaMove wallabag to pkgs
2019-05-07  Ismaël BouyaFix passthru’s in pkgs
2019-05-07  Ismaël BouyaMove ttrss to pkgs
2019-05-07  Ismaël BouyaAdd roundcubemail to pkgs
2019-05-07  Ismaël BouyaMove yourls to pkgs
2019-05-07  Ismaël BouyaReorder webapps imports
2019-05-07  Ismaël BouyaMove mediagoblin to pkgs
2019-05-06  Ismaël BouyaMove adminer to pkgs
2019-05-06  Ismaël BouyaMove dokuwiki to pkgs
2019-05-06  Ismaël BouyaRename davical config field to avoid clash
2019-05-06  Ismaël BouyaAdd nextcloud-with-app expression as default
2019-05-06  Ismaël BouyaMigrate mantisbt to pkgs
2019-05-05  Ismaël BouyaMove composer-env to pkgs
2019-05-05  Ismaël BouyaMove rompr to pkgs
2019-05-05  Ismaël BouyaUse standard packages and move bitlbee-mastodon to...
2019-05-05  Ismaël BouyaMove phpldapadmin to pkgs