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Project Description Owner Last Change
perso/Immae/Config/AUR.git Maintained and private forked AUR packages Gitolite user 13 months ago
perso/Immae/Config/Ansible.git Gitolite user 13 months ago
perso/Immae/Config/Nix.git Gitolite user 6 weeks ago
perso/Immae/Config/Nixies.git Some useful nix files Gitolite user 3 months ago
perso/Immae/Config/dotdrop.git Gitolite user 23 months ago
perso/Immae/Config/tinc/hosts.git Gitolite user 8 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Puppet.git Gitolite user 4 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Cryptomonnaies/BIP39.git A web tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic codes Gitolite user 5 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Cryptomonnaies/Cryptoportfolio/Front.git The front site Gitolite user 2 years ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Cryptomonnaies/Cryptoportfolio/Trader.git The trade bot responsible to follow the cryptoportfolio every... Gitolite user 19 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Nodejs/Surfer.git Gitolite user 5 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/packagist/connexionswing-ckeditor-component.git Gitolite user 4 years ago
perso/Immae/Projets/packagist/jquery-touchswipe.git Gitolite user 4 years ago
perso/Immae/Projets/packagist/ludivine-ckeditor-component.git Gitolite user 2 years ago
perso/Immae/Projets/packagist/ludivine-slick-component.git Gitolite user 3 years ago
perso/Immae/Projets/packagist/piedsjaloux-ckeditor-component.git Gitolite user 2 years ago
perso/Immae/Config/Nix/NUR.git Gitolite user 5 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Buildbot/buildslist.git Gitolite user 6 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Python/MusicSampler.git A music player with actions binded to keys Gitolite user 12 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Ruby/Monitor.git Gitolite user 6 years ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Scripts/GoogleMapsTrafficPlots.git Gitolite user 10 months ago
perso/Immae/Projets/Scripts/Public.git Gitolite user 5 weeks ago
perso/Immae/TestProject.git Test project to test anything - linked to mantisbt Gitolite user 3 months ago